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3-3 Ted Onulak - Part 2

July 16, 2022 Tim Rose Season 3 Episode 3
Tim Tunes
3-3 Ted Onulak - Part 2
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This episode is part two of a conversation with old friend Ted Onulak. A man of many talents, Ted is an accomplished saxophonist, vocalist, songwriter, blues harpist, and band leader. His band, Exit 10, can be seen in Washington DC on Monday nights at a venue called Madam’s Organ in Adams Morgan. We’ll hear more bootleg clips from the night before our talk. This episode is a continuation of that conversation, recorded the next day. If you haven’t heard part one of this interview I encourage you to do so.

 In this episode we’ll talk about performing and playing live. Then Ted will detail how he conceived, wrote, produced and recorded his song Threnody. We’ll end on a philosophical note with a bit of a sonnet Ted wrote.

Ted is a 1st generation Ukraine-American and has asked that you reach out to United Help Ukraine on Facebook or type unitedhelpukraine.org in your browser to donate.


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Ted Learns to Play Sax
Bootleg Ted Solo at Madam's Organ
Musician, Their Instruments and the Pandemic
Ted's Intro on What We Make It
Musical Creativity, Singing in a Rock Band and Singing Drums
Jimi Jones Drum Solo
Threnody - Story
Threnody - Song
Ted's Appeal
Ted's Music Sonnet