Tim Tunes

3-8 Songwriting - East Tennessee Valley - Part 2

January 20, 2023 Tim Rose Season 3 Episode 8
Tim Tunes
3-8 Songwriting - East Tennessee Valley - Part 2
Show Notes

Welcome back, listeners. Last time we looked at the Inspiration, the Hook, and the Body of my new song “East Tennessee Valley”. We have the basic structure of our song, the verses, and the bridge, and we made a scratch recording at the end of our last session. In this episode we’ll create a beginning and an ending for the song. Then, we’ll create a lead sheet and get down to committing to the lyrics, chords, and melody.  Then, we’ll add other musical instruments. Next, we’ll move into the studio and record our  arrangement of  the song.

If you haven't listened to the last podcast, I strongly suggest that you do that before listening to this part.

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