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5-2 Mark Baxter - Vocal Behaviorist - Part 2 - Origin

March 06, 2024 Tim Rose/ Mark Baxter Season 5 Episode 2
Tim Tunes
5-2 Mark Baxter - Vocal Behaviorist - Part 2 - Origin
Show Notes

Back in the ‘60s and early ‘70s I lived in a suburb in Maryland just over the line from Washington, DC. As it happened when we moved there in 1964, the neighborhood was largely white. Around 1969 I started forming Rock Bands with my friends. We listened to top 40 and played the songs we liked, and could play. I was only 15 at the time and was too young to play in clubs, but that would come later.

When we first moved in only about 5% of the neighborhood was non-white. Over the next 7 years the neighborhood became almost completely black. Now, I had no problem with this except that crime began to rise. I was almost mugged twice. A neighbor was shot by undercover police when he pulled out a gun as they stopped him one night, not a block from my house.

While I was away at college, my parents decided to move to a different place. Almost everyone I knew from the old neighborhood had moved away. The old neighborhood just – dissolved.

So, you’ll see why this episode speaks to me as we continue our discussion with Mark Baxter – Vocal Behaviorist as he tells us his origin story. How a kid from New Jersey winds up as one of the premier voice consultants and teachers in the world.

I’m Tim Rose and this is the Tim Tunes Podcast. This episode is Part Two of my interview with Vocal Behaviorist, Mark Baxter. If you haven’t listened to part one, I highly suggest that you do so before listening to this episode. Mark lays out his philosophy and methodology in part one. In this episode Mark will tell us about his struggles to find his path and how he developed his dream.

This is Mark's site where you can contact him and find his free voice lessons - voicelesson.com

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